No Sugar Company puts together keto-friendly gummies without any sugar

4 days ago
No Sugar Company Keto Gummiez

Canada’s No Sugar Company went a more candy route in its November-released keto-friendly snack Keto Gemz, featuring crunchy peanuts covered in delicious dark chocolate and a colorful shell. The creative brand is continuing down that path in its first launch for 2022 with a format several other keto companies have gotten into, introducing plant-based Keto Gummiez.

Keto Gummiez from No Sugar Company is a pack of soft, classic gummy candy, although instead of being loaded with sugar, they’re keto-friendly and low-calorie. The gummies or Gummiez as the brand calls them, come in two options, berry-flavored lips, and peach-flavored feet, providing 2g or less protein per serving, a gram of fat, 3 to 4g of net carbohydrates, and 35 calories.

The macros are obviously a lot better than traditional candy, especially considering there is absolutely no sugar in a 25g serving. You can grab the sweet-sounding, keto-friendly Keto Gummiez straight from the brand through its online store. No Sugar Company has priced the product at $24.99 for 170g of gummies, which works out to just shy of seven servings a box.