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Nutra Innovations expands its full-spectrum EAA formula to five flavors

Nutra Innovations Melon Berry Lemonade Essentials

Nutra Innovations has been mostly about flavor extensions these past few months, after dropping a few entirely new muscle-builders in early 2021, including Natty Bol, Ecdysterone, and Turkesterone. That focus on flavors continues this week with another addition to the menu of the brand’s amino competitor Essentials formulated to support recovery, hydration, and performance.

Now available alongside Nutra Innovations’ previous four flavors of Essentials in Blueberry Acai, Candy Green Apple, Peach Mango, and Strawberry Punch is Melon Berry Lemonade. The product packs all of Essentials’ usual highlights with a combined 7.6g of all nine EAAs, 5g of that being BCAAs, betaine, and Aquamin minerals, and is available direct from the brand at $39.99 a tub.

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