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Third flavor coming to Panda’s more intense pre-workout at the end of the month

Panda Supps Peach Gummy Rings Pandamic

One of the biggest things the still relatively new company Panda Supplements did in 2021 was launch its entirely stimulant-powered pre-workout Pandamic. The product is designed to deliver a more advanced and intense experience compared to the brand’s original competitor in the category, Fierce, and it launched in only one flavor with Mango Peach, which was later joined by Sour Gummy.

Eight months on from that initial release of Pandamic, Panda Supplements has returned to announce the third taste for the powerhouse pre-workout with another candy-themed creation in Peach Gummy Rings. Currently, it is still just Mango Peach and Sour Gummy available through Panda’s online store, but you can expect to see Peach Gummy Rings alongside those two closer to the end of the month.