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Upcoming Prime Series from AP Regimen will also have a cost-effective test booster

Ap Regimen Test Booster Xt

Prime Pre-Workout isn’t the only supplement AP Regimen is going to have in its upcoming Prime Series; there will also be a testosterone booster named Test Booster XT. Much like the difference from Legacy Pre-Workout to Prime Pre-Workout, the upcoming Test Booster XT won’t be as advanced as the brand’s current competitor in the category, although it will be value-focused.

Test Booster XT from AP Regimen is expected to hit retailers at $26.99 for a bottle of 30 servings, whereas the brand’s already available and simply named “Test Booster” costs $49.99 straight from AP’s website. Test Booster XT actually has a few components in common with that same category product, where six of its nine main ingredients are also in Test Booster.

You can see the list of ingredients and dosages in AP Regimen’s Test Booster XT in the image below. Some of those compounds from the brand’s original Test Booster include fenugreek but less than half the dose 325mg, half the tribulus at 250mg and a lower standardization, and DIM, at the same dose of 200mg.

Ap Regimen Test Booster Xt Label

There are some clear differences between AP Reigmen’s two testosterone boosters; however, they both aim to provide the same sort of effects in boosting testosterone for improved libido, lean muscle, and hormone balance. Overall, Test Booster XT is the more cost-effective supplement with the formula reflecting that, so if you want AP’s best effort, Test Booster is the way to go.

Similar to AP Regimen’s Prime Series Pre-Workout, we only know that Test Booster XT is coming soon to its growing list of retailers, we don’t know roughly when it’ll happen. We get the sense the Prime Series is a collection that’s all about better value and have to imagine more products are in the pipeline, similar to how the Legacy Series was recently said to have more on the way.