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Long-awaited Arms Race bar will be cereal-based with around 20g of protein

Arms Race Nutrition Cereal Based Bar

The team at Arms Race Nutrition has been working on an on-the-go protein snack for quite some time, doing its best to ensure it’s completely satisfied with what ultimately comes to shelves. The first time we shared anything about the reputable brand coming out with that type of product was over a year ago, and it is still hard at work getting the thing right.

While a protein bar has yet to come to market from Arms Race Nutrition, it has shared an update here in 2022 with more information and letting fans know it will be hitting the market at some point. To build some anticipation and excitement, the brand has revealed the highly-anticipated Arms Race Protein Bar will be a unique experience featuring a cereal base.

Arms Race Nutrition is completely covering its cereal-based protein bar in milk or white chocolate, and promises it to be more like a kids cereal bar than your typical high-protein snack. It’ll have great taste and texture with two flavors on launch, providing around 20g of protein from three key sources in whey, pea, and collagen, about 24g of carbohydrates, and under 10g of fat.

From the start, Arms Race Nutrition has hinted at really wanting to make its first-ever protein bar stand out from the many others out there. Based on its latest lot of details, it should have no problem doing that. It will, of course, come down to actually getting it hand and trying it ourselves to see how good it is, and we’re looking forward to that, even more so now.