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BCAA Revolution’s Baja Splash flavor comes to Muscle Sport’s Rhino Rampage

Baja Splash Rhino Rampage

Muscle Sport recently released an all-new Chocolate Dipped Strawberry flavor for its flagship protein powder Lean Whey seemingly themed around Valentine’s Day due to the name and hearts around its flavor callout. It turns out that’s not the only new flavor creation the brand has debuted this week; it’s also dropped another option for its more mainstream pre-workout Rhino Rampage, and it is a fairly familiar one.

Now available for purchase directly from Muscle Sport’s website is its Rhino Rampage pre-workout in the fruity flavor Baja Splash. It is, as mentioned, a familiar flavor, one that is already out there for two other Muscle Sport products in BCAA Revolution and the recently released Flow State. Straight from the brand’s website, Baja Splash Rhino Rampage will cost you a reasonable $39.99 for a tub of the usual 30 servings.