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Bang creates a cooler in the shape and colors of its carbonated energy shot

Bang Energy Shot Cooler

Bang Energy has put together some interesting pieces of merchandise over the years, a lot of which you’ll never find at any other functional beverage brand. We’ve seen custom liquid pens with floating Bang cans inside, Bang-shaped portable chargers, shoes featuring Jack Owoc’s autograph, and, of course, the 18k gold-plated Bang medallion necklace.

Another unique item Bang Energy has come out with and sold on its website was a Bang rolling cooler for you to store your energy drinks, keep them cold, and make them a little more mobile. The brand has another product along the lines of the cooler this week, and while it’s not available for purchase, it is just as creative, and you can get your hands on it in a giveaway.

In the image above, you can see Bang Energy’s newest cooler, although instead of being themed around its original hit energy drink, it is all about the Bang Energy Shot. The cooler is in the shape of the brand’s compact and uniquely carbonated energy shot, featuring the same highlights and callouts around its lid, and it comes in several flavor-inspired colors.

As mentioned, the only way to get one of these Bang Energy Shot coolers is via a giveaway, which is running this weekend on Jack Owoc’s Instagram with just a handful of steps to get in the running, and the winner will be announced next week.

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