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Chaos Crew’s second Amplify product aims to improve your workout with better focus

Chaos Crew Brainberry

It was only one day ago we shared Chaos Crew’s all-new Amplify Series, developed to bring together a selection of premium, single-ingredient supplements to help amplify your workout. The first entry in the collection is the appropriately named Cellflo6, featuring, of course, Cellflo6 to help increase and enhance performance, recovery, and blood flow for better pumps.

Today, not only is Chaos Crew back in the headlines, but it’s once again about its Amplify Series with the second product in the line, BrainBerry. Like Cellflo6, BrainBerry is named after its one and only ingredient, which is a branded form of aronia melanocarpa extract. BrainBerry is not a stimulant and promises nootropic effects, including enhanced focus, cognition, and reaction.

Chaos Crew has put 65mg of BrainBerry into each of the 25 capsules in every bottle of the Amplify Series BrainBerry, and it is already in stock and available through the brand’s website. Directly from the UK company, the second Amplify supplement will cost you £19.99 (27.08 USD), and as mentioned, it’s made to stack with your pre-workout to further amplify your workout.

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