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Core Hydrate combines electrolytes with premium Senactiv and elevATP for performance

Core Hydrate

To close out 2021, our Brand Of The Year and Brand Of The Decade nominee Core Nutritionals confirmed it was working on a dedicated hydration that will be its first supplement in stick pack format. Two months later, the reputable brand has passed on a preview of that very product as it is now a little closer to launch with plans to make it available in about eight weeks’ time.

Core Nutritionals has given its hydration supplement a reasonably straightforward name in Core Hydrate, and as mentioned, it’s coming in stick pack format with four flavors to choose from. Only one of those has been named so far in Lemon Lime, and as for the formula, in typical Core style, it will be reliable, featuring a comprehensive blend of electrolytes and several performance-supporting components.

Core Hydrate Label

Alongside the electrolytes, Core Nutritionals has packed Core Hydrate with the premium ingredients Senactiv and elevATP, both at full dosages of 50mg and 150mg, respectively. The brand is also throwing in a gram of taurine, half a gram of coconut water, and the mineral complex ConcenTrace at 100mg, making for a truly advanced and comprehensive hydration product as it claims on the front of its box.

Once again, Core Nutritionals is currently aiming to have Core Hydrate released and available eight weeks from now, which puts it out somewhere near the end of April. The brand will likely share more information in the lead up to that launch, and if it goes the way of most of Core’s drops, it’ll debut with some sort of strong discount involving a single or double box bundle.