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GymBeam’s upcoming beef snack packs 13g of protein and only 84 calories

Gymbeam Beef Jerky Bar

Major European brand and retailer GymBeam has a beef product already available in its lineup with traditional Beef Jerky as well as Turkey Jerky, both lean and packed full of protein. This week it has unveiled another beef-based snack, although, unlike its original Beef Jerky, it is meat in a more typical sports nutrition format with the GymBeam Beef Jerky Bar.

The upcoming GymBeam product is a 25g bar made entirely from dried beef, similar but lighter than Icon Meal’s Wagyu Beef Bar. With beef being the only main ingredient in the snack alongside the likes of salt and black pepper for flavor, the macros are incredibly lean. That small 25g bar packs a solid 13g of protein with 6.3g of carbohydrates, no sugar, well under a gram of fat, and a calorie count of 84.

If you’re used to getting over 20g of protein in your bar, you can easily throw two of GymBeam’s Beef Jerky Bar together and get 26g of protein for a truly unmatchable 168 calories. The product is not available yet but will be soon through the brand’s online store at in Original and Pepper flavors and at a fairly reasonable price of €1.55 (1.76 USD) a bar.

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