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HTLT continues its momentum with a teaser of its first-ever functional product

Htlt Cicobar

Greg Doucette’s brand HTLT has been hard at work ever since it launched its first three sports nutrition supplements with a pre-workout, fat burner, and protein powder. It has been consistently expanding the lineup with flavors extensions, several new categories, including the turkesterone-based muscle builder Turk Builder, and even a much-improved competitor for the saturated weight loss space.

HTLT is now looking to get into another area of the industry, and this time it’s not a supplement category such as pre-workout, amino, fat burner, and protein powder. Greg Doucette’s ever-growing brand has shared the first look at the CICOBar, which from what we understand is a protein snack, with the name relating to Doucette’s commonly used phrase and nutrition strategy of “calories in, calories out”.

Greg Doucette and HTLT have said very little about the CICOBar, only that it’s coming soon, with us speculating it is indeed a protein bar, and judging by the graphic used to tease the product, it’ll be chocolate flavored. We’ll share more details when we have them, but don’t be surprised if the brand drops the CICOBar sooner rather than later, as it doesn’t tend to take long to go from tease to release.

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