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Justine’s puts a keto spin on the classic New Zealand afghan cookie for Valentine’s Day

Justines Valentines Day Cookies

Justine’s Cookies is another brand getting in on the fun and theme of Valentine’s Day, which is now six days away on Monday of next week. To mark the annual event in 2022, Justine’s has customized heart-shaped cookie tins with its logo, and on the inside, you get ten delicious, crunchy, and sweet afghan cookies, which is a traditional biscuit or cookie in the brand’s home country of New Zealand.

An afghan cookie is typically made from flour, butter, sugar, cocoa powder, and cornflakes, all topped with chocolate icing for a crispy, crunchy, rich, and flavorful chocolate treat. It is that classic snack Justine’s Cookies is looking to replicate in its Valentine’s Day edition release, and, of course, there is a functional benefit to the afghan cookies, as instead of being loaded with sugar, they’re actually keto-friendly.

In each of Justine’s Cookies 25g Valentine’s Day afghan cookies, there is 2.1g of protein, only 1.3g of carbohydrates with half of that sugar, 7.9g of fat, for a sub-100 calorie count of 94. The product has only had a limited amount of units produced, and they’re available now through the brand’s online store in New Zealand at a reasonable $24.99 (16.61 USD).