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Max Effort creates a series of one or two word tees that you can only get in an XL Stack

Max Effort Muscle Limited Exclusive Tees

The originally direct-to-consumer-only brand Max Effort Muscle has put together a whole bunch of limited edition and exclusive tees, featuring a simple but clear and eye-catching design. There are four shirts in the lineup, all in the same black color with white print, and making up that white print is one or two words relating to the world of health and nutrition.

You can see Max Effort Muscle’s limited-time collection of clothing in the image above, printed with the words “Can’t Relate”, “#NOTSMALL”, “Gutcheck”, and “Brick Soup”. Again, they all have the same straightforward design of white text on a black tee, reminiscent of Animal’s famous quote shirts from back in the day with phrases like “Shut The F*ck Up And Train.”

The catch with Max Effort Muscle’s latest line of apparel is you can only get the items free with the purchase of an XL Build A Stack, not its regular Build A Stack. That stack is any five of its supplements for $160, and you only get to pick one of those tees in medium, large, or XL, so if you want the entire collection, you’ll have to stock up and get four XL Stacks.