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Premium KSM-66 and MitoPrime to power Naughty Boy’s unique Immortale

Naughty Boy Immortale

As exciting as Naughty Boy’s all-new Ghetto Gear looks, which we posted about yesterday, including its full muscle-building formula, that’s not all the two-time International Brand Of The Year has up its sleeve. Also confirmed to be coming soon from the UK-based lifestyle supplement company is a product called Immortale, and like Ghetto Gear, it’s not a type of product Naughty Boy currently has.

Based on the formula, Immortale appears to be a multi-benefit, general health and longevity supplement featuring two premium, proven, and studied ingredients. Every serving of the upcoming Naughty Boy product packs an extra high 800mg of KSM-66 ashwagandha, proven to support all sorts of benefits and effects from stress and anxiety, through to weight loss and testosterone boosting.

The other key compound in Immortale is something we’ve only ever seen Naughty Boy use in its comprehensive health supplement Life Pac, with MitoPrime l-ergothioneine. NNB Nutrition, the company behind MitoPrime, says it’s designed to support a healthy-inflammatory response, improve immunity, help with cell detoxification, and protect mitochondrial DNA, hence its nickname, the “Longevity Vitamin”.

To top it all off, Naughty Boy has also put the always useful BioPerine black pepper into Immortale to improve and enhance absorption with a solid dose of 10mg per serving. Like Ghetto Gear, the truly multi-benefit, general day-to-day health product Immortale will be available for purchase soon, starting with Naughty Boy’s local market of the UK and Europe.