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No Sugar Co puts a light 325mg of MCTs into its ground coffee product

No Sugar Company Keto Coffee

The creative No Sugar Company has a new coffee product out this month named Keto Coffee, which is a reasonably simple but convenient and functional ground coffee, perfect for those living a keto-friendly lifestyle. Keto Coffee is a smooth blend of fine Arabica coffee and a small amount of MCTs, giving you that familiar coffee taste and experience, but infused with MCTs for healthy fats, energy, and help you not feel as hungry.

There isn’t much else to The No Sugar Company’s Keto Coffee, it is simply coffee with a light 325mg of MCTs. The nutrition profile on a three-tablespoon serving is clean with carbohydrates, half a gram of fat, less than a gram of protein, and 10 calories. Currently, the product is only available for purchase through the brand’s US website, not its Canadian one, where a sizeable 2lb bag of the functional coffee will cost you $29.99.