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Pure Protein brings some spice to its Protein Puffs menu in its Scorchin’ Hot flavor

Pure Protein Puffs Scorchin Hot

Mainstream brand Pure Protein is known for many different snacks and treats, all high in protein, including the 2020 released soft, crunchy, and lean Protein Puffs. The product gives you a respectable 18g of protein, which is around many other protein-packed snacks out there; however, Pure Protein’s Protein Puffs come with an impressively lean 130 calories.

Pure Protein debuted its Protein Puffs in two tasty flavors with Nacho Cheese and Oven Baked Pizza, and sometime in the past couple of months, the brand has introduced option number three. Pure Protein has brought a spicy touch to the menu of Protein Puffs with Scorchin’ Hot, which has scorchin’ hot nacho cheese seasoning sprinkled throughout the bag.

The lean nutrition profile continues in Pure Protein’s Scorchin’ Hot Protein Puffs packing that same 18g of protein, 5g of fat, 3g of carbohydrates with no fiber and 2g of that sugar, and 130 calories. The product is already available in many places, including the online giant Amazon, where you can pick up the light puff snack at $21.85 for a pack of 12.