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Bulk unflavored quercetin enters Switch Nutrition’s growing Essentials Series

Switch Nutrition Quercetin

The last release we covered from Australian brand Switch Nutrition was the basic supplement NAC, named after its one and only ingredient, NAC, which is short for n-acetyl l-cysteine. This week we have another simple product from the reputable brand, and it is once again an entry in the straightforward Essentials Series, also named after its key ingredient in Quercetin.

Switch Nutrition’s Quercetin features a respectable half a gram of quercetin in each of its single-scoop servings, with an entire tub of the supplement having 100 of those servings in convenient unflavored powder format. The product promises the usual quercetin benefits, including support for immune health and inflammatory response, and exercise and performance.

The Essentials Series Quercetin is available now from Switch Nutrition’s online store at $59.95 (43.05 USD), making it the most expensive supplement in the line, sitting just above NAC at $49.95 (35.87 USD).