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Xite stands out in the bar market by putting nootropics in its protein snack

Xite Nootropic Protein Bar

The majority of the bars and snacks we share are almost always high in protein or low in sugar and calories, and the former is the case with Xite’s Protein Bar, although there is a bit more to it than that. Xite is a UK company that only launched in 2021 with an energizing beverage featuring the usual suspects in ginseng, tyrosine, carnitine, and, of course, caffeine at a reasonable 118mg per can.

Since its debut, Xite has gone on to release the Xite Protein Bar, although, like its original energy drink, it uniquely adds nootropic ingredients to the snack to provide you protein and improve mental focus. The compounds powering the bar are not the same as the brand’s beverage with B vitamins, and 250mg each of choline, bacopa monnieri, ginseng, and the nootropic mushroom lion’s mane.

Xite Nootropic Protein Bar

The added focus ingredients do indeed make the Xite Protein Bar one-of-a-kind, and as mentioned, it also comes with a high-protein nutrition profile. Each crispy, smooth, sweet, and chocolate-covered bar packs 16 to 18g of plant-based protein, 8 to 10g of carbohydrates with 4.5g of that sugar in the White Chocolate Chip Cookie flavor and 1.8g of sugar in Salted Caramel, and calories ranging from 241 to 245.

While we have yet to try the Xite Protein Bar and see how it compares to the competition, the added nootropics are more than enough to help it stand out in such a crowded category. You can purchase the Xite Protein Bar alongside the brand’s drink through its official online store at fairly reasonable prices of £2.50 individually, £2 (2.71 USD) each in a box of 12, and £1.80 (2.44 USD) in a box of 24.