Alpron carries over its unique Kuromitsu Kinako flavor to its simpler soy protein

Alpron Kuromitsu Kinako Soy Protein

Sports nutrition company Alpron has a handful of protein powders on the market in its home country of Japan, including a soy-based product simply named Alpron Soy. The supplement comes in mostly common flavors, such as Cocoa Milk, which appears to be chocolate, Strawberry Milk, Unflavored, and Milk Tea, although starting on the 1st of April, it will have another unique option on its menu.

About half a year ago, Alpron released an interesting flavor for its weight loss-infused protein powder, Weight Down, in Kuromitsu Kinako, combining the dark sugary syrup Kuromitsu or black honey, with the peanutty, soybean flour Kinako. The Japanese brand has now taken that intriguing blend of flavors and carried it over to its simpler soy protein powder with a Kuromitsu Kinako Alpron Soy.

The all-new Kuromitsu Kinako Alpron Soy is available for order directly through the brand’s website at ¥2,580 for a 1kg, 30 serving bag, although it won’t be shipping out to fans in Japan until the 1st of April, which is this Friday.

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