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Hardcore legacy brand Animal gets ready to roll out its fresh new look for 2022

Animal Pak Rebrand

Animal is arguably the only hardcore-marketed legacy supplement company out there, known for its signature multivitamin, Animal Pak, uniquely wrapping its multi-pill servings in individual packs. The brand has changed its look a few times over the years, and for 2022, just one year shy of its impressive 40th anniversary, it is doing that once again.

We’ve seen the new look of Animal a couple of times over the past few weeks on some of its entirely new and still upcoming products, Animal Beef Biltong and the comprehensive women’s supplement Animal Alpha F. Next week, the brand is beginning the rollout of that rebrand on its established, already available supplements such as the original, Animal Pak.

You can see what the refreshed version of Animal Pak looks like in the image above, where the brand has maintained its iconic Animal word logo around the containers and the stylized bodybuilder within the lettering. The main difference is that logo has been shortened and pushed up to the top half, with the bottom now featuring a spacious black background and some text describing the product in more detail.

As mentioned, the rollout of Animal’s look is beginning next week, with the long-running Animal Pak to be the first supplement hitting shelves with that label design. The rest of the brand’s line will follow, such as Animal Flex, Animal Cuts, and Animal Test, as well as those entirely new products Biltong and Alpha F, and some items yet to be announced.