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Ballistic partners with wellness competitor Kass Gillis for her own flavor of Dry Scoop

Ballistic Labs Grape Bubble Butt Dry Scoop

Canada’s Ballistic Labs recently released another flavor for one of the all-new supplements it introduced in 2021 with the stimulant-free pump-powering pre-workout Big Boy. The brand is back one month later doing the same sort of thing but for a different product in its stimulant pre-workout specifically designed to be dry scooped, named Dry Scoop.

Ballistic Labs debuted Dry Scoop in two flavors, Razzleberry Pixie Dust and Just Peach Diddly Dip, and now it has a third option on its menu, although it’s not just another flavor. The new addition to Dry Scoop is the grape taste Grape Bubble Butt, which has been put together in collaboration with the brand’s star athlete, wellness competitor Kass Gillis.

Ballistic Labs and Kass Gillis’ Grape Bubble Butt flavor of Dry Scoop has Gillis’ signature on the front, and it’s in stock now on the brand’s website at the supplement’s usual $49.99 (39.08 USD) for a full-size tub.