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Beast continues its return with the release of a sleep support supplement

Beast Sleep Formula

Beast Sports is one of the longer-running supplement companies out there, which went silent for some time until late last year, when it kicked off what has evolved into a significant return to the industry. Following the launch of its Chocolate Peanut Butter Beast Protein, BCAA Hydration, then most recently Beast Mode X, the brand has revealed and released another entirely new item named Sleep Formula.

The latest effort from Beast Sports, continuing its spree of launches starting late last year, is, of course, a nighttime product, primarily powered by commonly used sleep ingredients. Sleep Formula has many of the usual nighttime components in melatonin at 2mg a serving, GABA at a fairly light 100mg, another 100mg each of mucuna pruriens and phellodendron, 50mg of 5-HTP, and 400mg of theanine.

The goal of Beast Sports’ Sleep Formula is like most others in the category; to help get you to sleep and ensure it’s quality deep sleep. The combination of ingredients in the supplement isn’t overly complicated, and that is reflected in the price. The brand hasn’t priced Sleep Formula all that high at $32.99 through the online store on its website, but for a limited time, it is discounted to a much nicer $24.99.

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