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4 Your Recovery from BPS Pharma now comes in better value capsules

Bps Pharma 4 Your Recovery Capsules

In the middle of 2020, BPS Pharma, the maker of the reputable European pre-workout Not4Pussy, came out with a supplement for outside of your workout with 4 Your Recovery. It is a product designed to be taken around that nighttime window to increase and enhance sleep, to in turn, improve rest and recovery for better muscle growth, strength, and performance.

BPS Pharma’s original 4 Your Recovery launched in flavored powder, specifically a Lemon Ice Tea flavor, which has just been joined by another version featuring all of the same main ingredients. The latest from the German brand is also named 4 Your Recovery, designed for all of the same benefits, although instead of coming in flavored powder, it is a capsule alternative.

Again, BPS Pharma says its 4 Your Recovery capsules have all of the main ingredients found in the flavored powder, so you can expect all of the same benefits, but you have to swallow pills instead of drink it. The supplement is slightly cheaper than the original at €38.90 (42.42 USD) versus €42.90, and you get more servings in every bottle with 30 instead of 22.

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