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Fit Crunch stuffs its Loaded Cookie Bar full of candy pieces, marshmallows and chocolate chips

Fit Crunch Loaded Cookie

The newest Fit Crunch product has arrived, and it is as mouthwatering and delicious-looking as suspected, introducing the Fit Crunch Loaded Cookie Bar. The product promises pure indulgence in every bite featuring inclusions and tasty bits and pieces like chocolate chips and marshmallows, although it still squeezes in a reasonable amount of protein.

Fit Crunch’s Loaded Cookie Bar is essentially a protein-packed bar-format snack, providing a solid 22 to 23g of protein per bar, a high 35g of carbohydrates with 9 to 14g of that sugar, 13 to 14g of fat, and a hefty 330 to 340 calories. While the sugar, carbs, and calories are higher than your typical bar, as mentioned, the Loaded Cookie Bar looks to make up for that with a fantastic flavor experience.

Fit Crunch Loaded Cookie Bar

The Loaded Cookie Bar from Fit Crunch comes in two options, starting with Chocolate Deluxe featuring chocolate candy pieces and marshmallow bits stuffed into a chocolate-flavored bar. The other option is Peanut Butter Blast with sweet peanut butter candy pieces, creamy peanut butter, and chocolate chips for an overload of addictive peanut flavor.

Both of Fit Crunch’s Loaded Cookie Bar flavors are topped with a sweet drizzle of chocolate, making for an absolutely mouthwatering protein treat that we’ve already placed an order for. If you’re like us and want to grab the product as soon as possible, you can get it now directly from the brand’s website at $37.99 for a box of 12 bars all in one flavor, with unfortunately no variety bundle available just yet.