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HTLT’s Sleep Aid gets a few tweaks and relaunches as Delta Sleep

Htlt Delta Supps

Greg Doucette’s brand HTLT has revamped and relaunched one of its already available supplements, something we saw it do recently for its fat burner now named G Shred. That was reformulated for a whole different reason and story, with the brand’s latest updated item intended to be a more premium alternative and replacement for HTLT’s nighttime product, simply named Sleep Aid.

Coming in as HTLT’s all-new sleep support supplement is Delta Sleep, featuring many of the same ingredients as the original; in fact, everything in Delta Sleep is in the original. The difference between Sleep Aid and Delta Sleep is that Delta Sleep has changed the dosages of most of the ingredients, some higher, some lower, and some the same, with the likes of GABA moving up 33% to 400mg.

Htlt Delta Sleep Label

HTLT’s Delta Sleep has also swapped Sleep Aid’s 4.5mg of melatonin in its full three-capsule serving to 3mg of regular melatonin and 1.5mg of sustained released MicroActive melatonin. There are a couple of ingredients that were in HTLT’s first sleep aid that have not been carried over, in lemon balm and lavender extract, but overall the brand promises a better experience in Delta Sleep.

Despite HTLT reformulating Sleep Aid into Delta Sleep for improved relaxing, sleep, and recovery effects, the new product is available directly from the brand’s online store for the same price as the original. Over at, Delta Sleep will cost you $44.99 for a bottle of 30 full servings, or, if you want to stock up and save some money you can get three for $40 each.