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No Cow covers its latest protein snack in chocolate and keeps the sugar at 1g

No Cow Dipped Protein Bar

Dairy-free protein snack brand No Cow has released a new type of protein bar that has similar macros to its original snack with a delicious twist that’s revealed in the name. The latest from the brand is the No Cow Dipped Protein Bar, where you get a nutritious, plant-based protein bar that’s low in sugar and net carbohydrates, and as the name suggests, it’s dipped in chocolate.

There are five different flavors of the No Cow Dipped Protein Bar, all featuring that typical doughy bar body covered in sweet chocolate and still keeping the sugar at just a gram per bar. The rest of the nutrition profile is, as mentioned, similar to the brand’s regular protein bar with 20 to 21g of protein, 3 to 5g of net carbohydrates, 6 to 7g of fat, and a consistent 200 calories.

No Cow Dipped Protein Bar

No Cow Dipped Protein Bar’s five flavors are Chocolate Salted Caramel, Chocolate Sprinkled Donut, Chocolate Sea Salt, Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup, and Chocolate Mint Cookie. The brand promises a truly delicious experience in its newest protein snack, and with a layer of chocolate around the outside, fans of the original should easily enjoy the Dipped Protein Bar.

You can grab the No Cow Dipped Protein Bar in any of its chocolate-covered flavors from the brand’s website for the same as the regular undipped No Cow Protein Bar at $29.99 for a box of 12. There is no variety bundle for you to try the entire menu in the one box, although with variety bundles available for No Cow’s original protein bar, we have to imagine they are coming.

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