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No Sugar brings its approach to white bread with only 2g of net carbs a slice

No Sugar Company Keto Bread

The No Sugar Company is back with another keto-friendly creation, and this time the creative brand is taking a familiar type of food and making it much lower in carbohydrates. Keto Bread is the brand’s latest drop, which is precisely that, a loaf of white bread that has keto-friendly macros, made with ingredients like wheat flour and fiber, and the fiber psyllium.

The nutrition profile on a slice of No Sugar Company’s Keto Bread starts with 4g of protein, followed by 3.5g of fat, 11g of carbohydrates with no sugar and 2g of net carbs, and a very reasonable 60 calories. As you can see, the macros on the bread are far better than traditional bread, with a similar size slice usually having less protein and a lot more carbohydrates.

Anyone interested in trying the No Sugar Company’s latest product can do so through its online store, and unlike some of its more recent releases, Keto Bread is currently only on its US website, not the Canadian one. The price of the keto-friendly bread is relatively high at $11.98 a loaf for two, but you do get a good amount of slices at 13 a bag.

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