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Pure-named unflavored option coming to Rocka’s No Whey Pro this weekend

Rocka Nutrition Pure No Whey Pro

It was only recently Rocka Nutrition officially released No Whey Pro, a plant-based protein powder featuring added aminos to give it a balance of EAAs more in line with a traditional dairy-powered supplement. The brand decided to add the three all-important BCAAs to the product, at an unknown amount, as well as lysine and methionine, also not listed with precise dosages.

Rocka Nutrition debuted No Whey Pro in two flavors to start, both traditional tastes with Chocolate Drink and Vanilla Cookie. This weekend in the brand’s home country of Germany, it is releasing a third option for the supplement, although it is a lot simpler than those other two. The flavor is not technically a flavor, more like lack thereof, as it is an unflavored alternative called Pure.

While Rocka Nutrition’s Pure No Whey Pro won’t have any taste, the upside is it’s easier to mix with shakes and smoothies, and it has a leaner nutrition profile. Instead of 24g of protein, Pure has precisely 25.8g with the other numbers slightly different as well, but again, the point is more protein per serving. As mentioned, the unflavored No Whey Pro is due to hit the brand’s website this weekend.