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Sportnahrung drops its Super Boost pre-workout with mostly light dosages

Sportnahrung Super Boost Pre Workout

We recently shared Sportnahrung’s entry into the cream of rice category with Rice Pudding, featuring just the nutritious source of carbohydrates in an unflavored powder. To go with the straightforward supplement, the Austrian brand has something a bit more advanced with Super Boost, a pre-workout featuring a wide variety of ingredients, although nothing dosed too intensely.

Sportnahrung’s Super Boost features light dosages of common compounds like half a gram each of tyrosine, taurine, and betaine, and performance-supporting beta-alanine at a much lower than normal 1.25g. The mushroom cordyceps is in there, too, also at a light amount of 17mg, d-aspartic far from the usual 3g at 625mg, 150mg of caffeine for energy, and a combined gram of arginine.

As mentioned, most of the ingredients in Sportnahrung’s new pre-workout Super Boost are not dosed too high, although there is one that’s reasonable, at least compared to the rest with citrulline malate at 3g. The brand certainly hasn’t packed out the product’s single serving, and with 30 per tub, increasing the serving will drastically lower the number of workouts you get from the pre-workout.

Super Boost is not available yet, but is expected to be soon through Sportnahrung’s online store over at and the growing brand’s retail partner