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Reliable retailer Suppz releases its own brand of standalone creatine monohydrate

Suppz Creatine

With all of the supply chain issues impacting the supplement industry, some ingredients and types of products are not as readily available or in stock as frequently as they used to be. Creatine is one of those ingredients impacted, and it has seen some major changes in price and, in turn, availability, although there are still a few brands out there stocking and launching all-new supplements utilizing it.

If you’re looking for a creatine product, especially something on the simpler side of things, the sports nutrition retailer Suppz has come out with its own brand of creatine, and it is just a bulk tub of unflavored the ingredient. A full-size container of the supplement tips the scales at 300g, giving you 60 servings, each with a full 5g of the tried and true muscle and strength building creatine monohydrate.

The price on Suppz’s 300g tub of creatine monohydrate isn’t as competitive as you may remember a similar product from years past, although it’s still competitive considering, at $19.99. You can also bring that down a bit with some of the retailer’s ongoing coupons floating around out there, such as its Instagram code “IG10”, that’ll get you 10% off and drop the creatine to $18 each.

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