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Animal creates its hormone optimizer TNT+ for a variety of health-focused benefits

Animal Tnt Plus

Animal has added another piece to its massive revamp here in early 2022, rebranding its entire line of supplements and adding several new items to its lineup, including the complete pre-workout Animal Primal and the tasty meat snack Animal Beef Biltong. The legacy brand is introducing Animal TNT this week, a hormone health product specifically for men.

Animal TNT is designed to support healthy testosterone and lean muscle, cardiovascular and prostate health, stress, virility, and performance. As with every other pill supplement from Animal, TNT packages its ingredients in a collection of pills wrapped in a single packet, with the brand’s hormone health formula featuring a sizeable six capsule serving.

Animal Tnt Label

Like Alpha F, Animal TNT is a completely transparent product, listing the exact dose of every ingredient, which you won’t see in many of its longer-running supplements. The formula powering TNT includes 600mg of premium Testofen fenugreek, 300mg of ashwagandha, 750mg of Nitrosigine, longjack, classic tribulus, stinging nettle, saw palmetto, maca, and to help with absorption, you get 25mg of the ever-reliable AstraGin.

Animal gives you a month’s supply in Animal TNT with 30 servings per container, similar to Alpha F again, although the price tag is much higher at $68.95 through the brand’s online store at On that website, Animal does have discounted stacks, none of which include TNT, although when it does get one, it’ll be a great way to bring the price down.