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Animal Beef Biltong launches for as low as $7.93 a bag in bundles of four

Where To Buy Animal Beef Biltong

We recently reviewed Animal’s first new protein-packed snack since its run of traditional bar format products in Animal Snak, Animal Pro Bar, and Animal Boss Bar. To go with its new look for 2022, the hardcore legacy brand has put together its version of the meat snack biltong in Animal Beef Biltong, and we can tell you it is a premium, soft, and smooth tasting experience.

Animal Beef Biltong has a solid 32g of protein per bag, just a single gram of carbohydrates, 6g of fat, and an impressively lean 170 calories. Those numbers are indeed based on the entire bag, so if you prefer something closer to that usual 20g of protein, you can eat half and get 16g of protein. The product also comes in a resealable pouch, making it easier to save some for later.

As promised, here in early April, Animal has launched its tasty Beef Biltong in all three flavors; Original, Spicy Chili, and our favorite, the sweet Hickory. You can grab the product in single bags from the retailer A1 Supplements at $8.95 or go to Animal’s own website and purchase packs of four at $7.93 each, or get one of each flavor in the brand’s variety bundle for $7.95 each.

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