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Atlhetica unleashes at the Arnold Brazil including two all-new Best Series beverages

Atlhetica Nutrition Best Whey Rtd Best Vegan Rtd

On many occasions, we’ve seen the Brazilian brand Atlhetica Nutrition launch a whole bunch of products, some of them flavor extensions and some entirely new supplements and snacks. This weekend, the Arnold Classic is taking place in Atlhetica’s home country, and alongside its appearance at the event, it has once again dropped a massive number of releases.

Two of the items from Athletica Nutrition’s pool of products introduced at the Arnold Classic Brazil are on-the-go, ready-to-drink versions of its flagship protein powders, Best Whey and Best Vegan. The former is, of course, a whey-based supplement, and the latter plant-based. The brand has taken both and turned them into drinks with the Best Whey RTD and Best Vegan RTD.

It is worth noting that Atlhetica Nutrition did already have the Best Whey Total Clean beverage, although that is quite different from these two. That one features a light 10g of protein per bottle and comes in fruity flavors like Jabuticaba and Dragonfruit. The new Best Whey RTD has a solid 20g of protein, all from whey, in three flavors, Chocolate, Café, and Strawberry.

As for Atlhetica Nutrition’s Best Vegan RTD, that has slightly less protein than the Best Whey RTD at 15g, and it has two of the same flavors in Chocolate and Strawberry. The products have, as mentioned, debuted at the Arnold Classic Brazil, so fans in the country can probably expect to see them at the brand’s usual retail partners sometime soon.