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Atlhetica separates its latest pre-workout with tyrosine and l-citrullinyl-l-arginine

Atlhetica Nutrition X7 Pre Workout

Another new product Atlhetica Nutrition has introduced at this weekend’s Arnold Classic Brazil is its latest stimulant-powered pre-workout X7. Based on the name and formula, it looks to be an evolution of the brand’s already available pre-workout, simply named X. It has many of the same main ingredients and dosages with a few changes here and there.

Keep in mind Brazil’s rules and regulations are extremely different from those of the US, hence why we don’t see the advanced formulas we’re more familiar with, in that part of the world. Athletica Nutrition’s all-new X7 is a great example of that, although compared to the previously released X, the brand has made significant changes to evolve the experience.

Packed into each serving of Atlhetica Nutrition’s X7 pre-workout are 2g of beta-alanine to support performance, 1.5g of taurine, a gram of arginine, and 200mg of caffeine. All of those ingredients and amounts are what you get in the X pre-workout we mentioned above, and there are some separators in X7 as it has a few ingredients you won’t find in X and vice versa.

Atlhetica Nutrition’s X7 does not have creatine, which is in X at a solid 3g per serving; it also has a lighter dose of CoQ10 at 2mg and a precise and light 263mg of tyrosine for focus. There is one other difference with an ingredient we can’t recall seeing in any supplement before in 2mg of what the brand refers to as l-citrullinyl-l-arginine. They all combine for a slightly different energy, focus, and performance pre-workout when put next to Atlhetica’s own X.

Like the other two new products we posted about from Atlhetica Nutrition’s appearance at the 2022 Arnold Classic Brazil, the X7 pre-workout looks like it’ll be out and available in stores soon. The supplement is rolling out with four flavor options on its menu, all without added sugar and relatively simple tastes in Berries, Blue Ice, Citrus, and Pink Lemonade.