Huel’s leaner Black Edition meal supplement gets a classic cookies flavor

Cookies And Cream Huel Black Edition

Health and nutrition brand Huel, out of the UK, has added another flavor to the Black version of its flagship meal supplement, simply named Huel Black Edition. It is similar to the brand’s regular product but with a leaner protein to carbohydrate ratio, at half the carbohydrates and a third more protein, and still featuring the added full spectrum of 26 different vitamins and minerals.

Huel Black Edition does already have a good amount of tastes to choose from, although, as always, anything can do with more variety; in fact, its newest flavor is something you’ll find on the menu of most protein supplements. Now available alongside all of its other options is a classic Cookies and Cream Huel Black Edition, coming in the product’s usual 1.5kg bag of 17 servings.

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