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GAAM also releases an Easter flavor for its EAA-based amino named Easter Party

Easter Party Gaam Eaa

Proteinbolaget’s house brand GAAM Nutrition is back to celebrate with another Easter-themed creation, separate from its returning, limited time Påskmust flavor of GAAM Energy. Like Påskmust, the latest special edition item from the busy brand is a flavor, but for one of its sports nutrition supplements in the amino formula, GAAM EAA, featuring a combination of EAAs and a few other aminos.

The flavor Proteinbolaget and GAAM Nutrition have crafted for GAAM EAA is appropriately named Easter Party, to go, of course, with its Easter theme, which is a sweet and fruity cactus lime recipe. You can grab the product while it’s still around from Proteinbolaget’s online store, where the Easter edition Easter Party GAAM EAA is currently discounted from 249 kr down to 199 kr (20.91 USD) a tub.

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