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Efectiv makes adding enXtra to any supplement a lot easier with standalone capsules

Efectiv Enxtra

Efectiv Nutrition recently rolled out an all-new simple, standalone supplement named KSM-66, featuring, of course, premium KSM-66 ashwagandha at its full dose of 600mg in each of its 60 capsules. The UK-based brand has followed that up with another new straightforward product named after its one and only ingredient with Efectiv enXtra.

Efectiv Nutrition’s newest supplement comes with 300mg of the branded enXtra per capsule, and it has 60 capsules in every bottle. For those unfamiliar with enXtra, it is an increasingly popular energizing ingredient. It is proven to increase and enhance focus and alertness without caffeine and without any crash or increase in heart rate or blood pressure.

enXtra is indeed a unique and intriguing ingredient, which has been showing up in many pre-workouts, although it is still fairly rare. Efectiv Nutrition putting enXtra into its own standalone product makes it easier to add the ingredient to supplements without it, and it’s cost-effective. For an entire bottle of 60 capsules, again, with 300mg of enXtra in each, you’ll pay a reasonable £14.99 (19.50 USD) through the brand’s website.