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eFlow joins the turkesterone race with a typically dose standalone supplement

Eflow Nutrition Turkesterone

eFlow Nutrition typically releases flavor extensions; in fact, the last story that involved an entirely new supplement came two years ago when the brand introduced its glucose disposal agent, appropriately named GDA. This week we’ve got another one of those rare new products from eFlow, although it is relatively straightforward and something we’ve seen from a mountain of other companies over the past year or so.

The latest from eFlow Nutrition puts it in the ever-growing turkesterone race with a standalone supplement. The brand has taken the typical half a gram dose of ajuga turkestanica, providing 10% turkesterone, and packed that into each of its 60 capsules per bottle. The main ingredient is also combined with hydroxypropyl-β-cyclodextrin to improve the uptake and absorption, in turn providing better benefits.

eFlow Nutrition’s ingredient-named Turkesterone is pretty much the same as Gorilla Mind’s on paper, and the price is the same, too, with a single 60 capsule bottle at $59.99 through the brand’s website. eFlow does also have a three-bottle bundle, although that doesn’t bring the cost down too much to just $54.99 each.