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Elite Labs continues its run of new product reveals with a teaser of a fat burner

Elite Labs Metabolic Fat Burner

Over the past month or so, Elite Labs has announced two entirely new supplements launching sometime next month, which is now only a couple of days away. There is the heavy, carbohydrate and calorie-loaded mass gainer Metabolic Mass, and the comprehensive amino product in tablet format, Metabolic Amino 9000, with news coming in today of yet another supplement on the way from the brand.

Elite Labs is planning to make use of its “Metabolic” naming style in an all-new product that hasn’t been completely unveiled, like Metabolic Mass and Metabolic Amino, although we have some idea of what it’s about. The third and more mysterious upcoming supplement from Elite Labs is designed to help you go in the opposite direction to Metabolic Mass with a promising capsule weight loss product.

We don’t know too much about Elite Labs Metabolic-named fat burner, only that it is indeed for the competitive weight loss category, the brand has been working on it for about a year, and it’ll feature an advanced formula. The supplement is said to be launching shortly after Metabolic Mass and Metabolic Amino, so fans will have a couple of other drops to enjoy before the fat burner rolls around.

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