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Fokken Nuts announces its Movie Night Series packed full of treat-filled nut butter

Fokken Nuts Movie Night Series

The fun, creative, and delicious nut butter company Fokken Nuts recently released a whole new collection of flavors in the Cereal Series, made up of classic cereal-inspired nut butters. There ended up being four different entries in the lineup with Cinnamon Toasties, Cuckoo Puffs, Lucky Marbits, and Flint Chips, many of which you could probably guess their inspiration by their name.

Fokken Nuts is getting ready to roll out another fun and intriguing collection of flavors named the Movie Night Series. There will be three entries in the family, all of which sound like they’ll have some sort of movie theme to them, or at least that’s the case in the first one. To build some excitement, the brand has unveiled one of the three with the Forest Gump-themed Gump Butter.

Fokken Nuts’ Movie Night Series Gump Butter will have a tasty combination of smooth peanut butter, M&M’s, Kit Kat, Sixlets, and Goobers candy, which sounds like a crazy experience. Based on the ingredients the brand has in Gump Butter, we’re certainly interested to see what else Fokken Nuts has cooked up and what other major movies it’ll be theming flavors around.

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