Klout keeps the spree of cost-effective, standalone creatine supplements rolling

Klout Creatine

Klout PWR, now simply named Klout, started the year strong with a couple of new protein powders, one being the premium whey isolate Cravings and the other the more calorie-dense Biggie. This week the brand has dropped something a little more straightforward, featuring just the one key ingredient confirmed in the name of the supplement with Klout Creatine.

The latest from Klout is a standalone product, putting tried and true, muscle strength and size-supporting creatine monohydrate in a tub of bulk unflavored powder. The brand has included the ingredient at its full dose of 5g in every serving, and with a total tub weight of 375g, it has enough to provide 75 servings to supply you for a substantial two and a half months.

Klout Creatine is available now through the Klout website, and considering you get that 75 servings per tub, not a typical month’s 30 servings or the common creatine amount of 60 servings, it is pretty good value. Directly from the brand, the supplement will cost you $34.95, and it comes in unflavored powder, making it easier to mix in with your pre or post-workout drink.

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