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Gaming brand LevlUp is dropping its first beverage although it’s not for energy or focus

Levlup Hydration Drink Beverage

A few gaming supplement companies have mixed things up and gone the beverage route, putting together a drink of some sort, including, of course, the category leader G Fuel and the UK-based Sneak. German gaming brand LevlUp is currently getting ready to join those two, although its first beverage is not going to be the type you’d expect.

Instead of turning its original energy and focus-enhancing supplement, Gaming Booster, into a drink, LevlUp has decided to transform its more recent, caffeine-free product, Hydration Drink. Like the original supplement, LevlUp’s beverage version of Hydration Drink will feature a blend of vitamins and minerals to support hydration and with zero sugar.

It’s certainly surprising to see LevlUp turn its hydration-support product into a drink before Gaming Booster, but that is happening, and the launch of the drink is not all that far away. The busy brand is aiming to the make its bottled Hydration Drink available through its website a week from tomorrow in three flavors; Bubble Boom, Nuke, and Galaxy.