Gaming Booster flavor Nuke Edition coming to LevlUp’s still fairly new Hydration Drink

Levlup Hydration Drink Nuke Edition

Last month, German gaming brand LevlUp came out with a hydration supplement, similar to another major company in the fast-growing gaming market, G Fuel. LevlUp keeps things reasonably simple for its effort, bringing together a blend of electrolytes and B vitamins with a light 25 calories per serving and originally, three flavors to choose from in Bubble Boom, Galaxy Edition, and Shiny Fox.

Later today, LevlUp is launching the first new flavor of Hydration Drink, featuring all of the same ingredients and dosages, and a taste fans of the supplement company should be familiar with. Flavor number four for the hydration-supporting product is Nuke Edition, something you can already find and purchase for LevlUp’s Gaming Booster, and it is the brand’s take on the traditional Blue Raspberry.

Once again, LevlUp is releasing its Nuke Edition Hydration Drink later today through its online store, which will be available before the brand’s Easter sale expires. During that promotion, you can use the coupon code “EASTER” for 15% off the supplement’s usual prices of €29.99 (32.40USD) for a 30 serving tub and €49.99 (54 USD) for 60 servings.

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