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LifeAid launches its energy and recovery supporting FitAid beverage

Lifeaid Fitad Energy Sports Recovery Drink

Last month we got the chance to try LifeAid’s all-new energy drink, FitAid Energy + Sports Recovery, at Expo West, featuring a 1.1g non-transparent blend including the likes of BCAAs, coQ10, turmeric, quercetin, and green tea. There is caffeine in the beverage from the green tea, which is transparently listed at a moderate 200mg a can with 3g of sugar and a low-calorie count of 15.

LifeAid has officially launched its all-new and tasty FitAid beverage, designed to support energy and recovery, hence the name, and in one more flavor than we initially knew about. At Expo West, the company had three refreshingly fruity options available to sample, and we did indeed try all of them, with Mango Sorbet, Blackberry Pineapple, and our favorite of the lot, Peach Mandarin.

All three of those flavors of FitAid Energy + Sports Recovery are now available for purchase straight from the LifeAid website and alongside one other option, which is also a fruit-based taste in Raspberry Hibiscus. Straight from the brand, the energizing FitAid beverage will cost you $59.76 for a case of 24 cans, although for a limited time, it is discounted by 20% to $47.81.

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