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Magnum’s creatine-based Big C gets a few changes to go with its rebrand

Magnum Big C

Big C is Magnum Nutraceuticals’ long-running creatine-based muscle building supplement, featuring various types of creatine. Over the past few months, the brand has been updating the look of its products, seemingly one by one, starting with Carne Diem back in September of last year. It is now Big C’s turn, although Magnum has done a bit more than give it a matching makeover.

Magnum Nutraceuticals has refreshed the formula for its creatine-powered supplement for 2022, still keeping it as a creatine product, although the types of creatine are a bit different. In the latest iteration of Big C, the brand has moved to creatine magnesium chelate, creatine HCl, creatine monohydrate, and creatine AKG, all of which are transparently dosed, unlike the predecessor.

Magnum Big C Label

Combined, you get 3.6g of creatine per serving, with Magnum also including the additional ingredients from the previous Big C to support creatine absorption and fat loss in tarragon, ginseng, and astragalus. The brand has said its reformulated and rebranded Big C is already in online stores and on shelves in Canada, with its US retailers expected to get stock within the next few weeks.