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Morphogen rebrands its protein Protegen and moves to premium Provon whey isolate

Morphogen Nutrition Revamped Protegen

A revamped version of its pump-powering pre-workout Volugen isn’t all Morphogen Nutrition is dropping this week; it has also reformulated and rebranded another one of its premier supplements. Alongside Volugen, the reputable brand has launched a new take on its protein powder Protegen, making a handful of tweaks and changes, much like its other recently rebranded products.

Morphogen Nutrition’s 2022 edition of Protegen features a premium, branded source of protein in Provon 292 SFL instantized whey protein isolate. The brand also transparently lists the protein source with 28g of Provon per serving, yielding a solid 25g of actual protein. The rest of Protegen’s nutrition profile is as lean as you’d expect, with zero fat, 3g of carbohydrates, and 120 calories.

Morphogen Nutrition is making its refreshed Protegen available today through its online store and at its new consistent price of $56 for a full-size tub of 36 servings. When it comes to flavors, the Provon-powered supplement will have three to start, in the marshmallow fruity cereal option PBLZ, the iced hot chocolate recipe Swiss, and Sammich, which is peanut butter and honey.