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Muscle Nation creates a plant-based Custard Protein Bar that will also be exclusive to Coles

Muscle Nation Custard Plant Protein Bar

Australian sports nutrition and functional food company Muscle Nation, which just announced another flavor for its promising Custard Protein Bar, has announced a spin-off of that same product. The brand has done a great job at expanding the menu of its Custard Protein Bar since its debut, taking it from its original four flavors up to twice that with eight.

The new version Muscle Nation has confirmed is coming soon is a vegan-friendly Custard Plant Protein Bar, taking that same custard-like protein bar but making it with plant-based sources of protein. We don’t know what any of those sources are or what any of its macros will be, although we have to imagine the protein is going to be around the same as the regular Custard Protein Bar at 15 to 18g, depending on the flavor.

Unfortunately, the same distribution limitation on Muscle Nation’s Custard Protein Bar will also be in place for the Custard Plant Protein Bar. What that means is, when the product eventually becomes available, you’ll only be able to get it from the Australian supermarket Coles. The product is going to launch in two flavors, neither of which have been named yet.