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Mysteriously named Unicorn flavor comes to Panda’s intense pre but for a limited time

Panda Supplements Special Edition Pandamic

Pandamic is Panda Supplements’ more intense or hardcore pre-workout next to its original entry in the competitive category with Fierce. It does indeed feature a powerhouse blend of stimulants to indeed deliver that stronger experience with the likes of 350mg of caffeine, 20mg of isopropylnorsynephrine, 50mg of higenamine, and 100mg of dendrobium.

Panda Supplements has done a great job expanding the menu of Pandamic since it hit the market, growing it from the one Mango Peach flavor to three with Sour Gummy and Peach Gummy Rings. The growing brand has just dropped another addition to the pre-workout’s menu, although, unlike those others, this one is only around for a limited time.

The temporary flavor for Panda Supplements’ intense Pandamic pre-workout is Unicorn, giving no indication of what it’s meant to taste like, although it at least sounds like something sweet. The limited-time flavor does come with a unique, special edition label design, and while it’s available, it costs the same as the other flavors at $57.99 for a 25 serving tub.