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Perfect Keto creates a keto-friendly mac and cheese with only 7g of net carbs

Perfect Keto Mac And Cheese

Perfect Keto has proven on many occasions that it is indeed one of the most creative keto-friendly companies out there, putting keto-friendly twists on some truly intriguing foods. Its next effort might be its most unique to date; in fact, the brand is claiming it to be a “world’s first”, with easy to make and enjoyable to eat, Perfect Keto Mac and Cheese.

The upcoming Perfect Keto creation is said to be the world’s first keto-certified pasta, made with lupin and sunflower flour, and it does indeed pack some strong keto-style macros. Each prepared serving of Perfect Keto’s Mac and Cheese has a substantial amount of protein at 24g, 27g of carbohydrates, although 20g of that is fiber, leaving you 7g of net carbs, a typically keto-high 17g of fat, and a calorie count of 270.

Perfect Keto Mac And Cheese

Like traditional mac and cheese, Perfect Keto’s Mac and Cheese comes with low-carbohydrate pasta and creamy cheese seasoning made from cheddar cheese, milk, butter, and salt. All together, the ingredients make for a delicious meal intended to taste and feel just like classic mac and cheese, but of course, with Perfect Keto’s reliable keto-friendly spin.

Perfect Keto’s Mac and Cheese is not available yet, but it is listed on its website, where fans will eventually be able to purchase it at $19.99 for a pack of three, $37.99 for six, or $69.99 for a dozen boxes. Every box has enough pasta and cheese seasoning for two and a half servings, and the promising product is launching in two flavors, Yellow and White Cheddar.