All-new high-stimulant pre-workout Specimen Max coming soon to GNC

Glaxon Specimen Max

Since its inception, Glaxon has put together many different versions of its flagship stimulant pre-workout Specimen, each with its own purpose and point of difference. There is the regular Specimen, the yohimbine-infused Specimen Yoyo, the high-powered and intense Specimen GFY, and just recently, for one of the most entertaining April Fool’s Day pranks we’ve seen, we got Specimen Fool’s Gold.

Glaxon is currently getting ready for the release of yet another iteration of Specimen, and this one sounds like it’ll also be a high-powered experience with Specimen Max. The supplement has the callout of “High-Stim Pre-Workout” in the bottom left corner of its label, although similar can be seen on other versions of Specimen, so we’re not sure what sort of intensity we’ll be getting on this one.

It’s been mentioned that Glaxon is introducing Specimen Max at GNC, where it recently had an official rollout with now many different products in the major retailer, including Neuro365, Goon Mode, and one of our favorites, Flight. Specimen Max sounds like it’ll be hitting shelves there soon with Glaxon’s signature 21 servings per tub in Alien Pop, Watermelon Gummy, and Strawberry Kiwi flavors.

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